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Glad to see you. I'm out here on a class picnic frailing the old Bacon. We're at the William S. Hart ranch. He was one of the first 'Cowboy' stars in the silent movies. Just playing some Cowboy tunes and, of course, some Sea Chanteys that my students like to sing along with. I hope that you enjoy your visit. Click on the pictures to jump to other pages.

If you have any information or questions about long neck banjoes please contact me at bern21@earthlink.net.

These are the four long necks that I currently own. The new/old Vega, a Bacon (by Gretsch), a Gibson RB-175, and a Merlin (this one is strange).

Pete Seeger is the man who started the long neck banjo's evolution.

Dave Guard was the reason many of us took up the banjo.

Erik Darling has always been one of my favorite players. He has sent me some interesting information about how he selected his Vega long neck.

The Limelighters were among a number of 'Folk' groups which featured long neck banjoes.

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